ESV Young Professionals: Chelsea Pottenger

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ESV Young Professionals: Chelsea Pottenger


On Thursday 1st November, ESV Young Professionals held a networking night at Odessa by 1821.

It was a great turnout with over 70 young professionals in attendance, coming together for a fun evening of networking and information sharing. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed an engaging presentation by Chelsea Pottenger, Director of EQ Minds.

Chelsea shared some amazing insights about the power of the mind, all backed by science. Everyone left with many tricks and tools to maximise their potential, productivity and creativity in everyday life and avoid the burnout of the silly season.

One of the key take-aways from Chelsea’s presentation was about being aware of small actions that can make a huge impact on our brains. For example, our brain is the neuroplastic (flexible, bendy, malleable) in the first 8 minutes after waking up. It’s important to consider what we look at during those first 8 minutes everyday, as it shapes the physical structure of the brain and embeds long-term memory. Bit of a “wake-up” call for those who check their phones first thing – and empower social media or emails shape their mind!

Aside from a few mind-blowing facts and more than a couple laugh-out-loud moments in Chelsea’s speech, it was a thought provoking talk, giving us all a moment to reflect on our own habits and work-life balance. Overall, it was a wonderful evening filled with networking and casual drinks, giving our guests the opportunity to meet other young professionals from a range of industries in an informal and friendly setting.

ESV Young Professionals is an engaging community for young professionals wanting to build relationships within the industry, develop professionally together and have fun at the same time. To find out more about our events and become part of this vibrant community please visit our Facebook page.

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