Getting The Best Out Of Your Business And Yourself – ESV Business Owners Event With Nigel Marsh

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Getting The Best Out Of Your Business And Yourself – ESV Business Owners Event With Nigel Marsh


On Wednesday 23 November ESV held our final Business Owners Event for the year with bestselling author and brand expert, Nigel Marsh.


Despite the wild weather, we had over 60 of our wonderful clients join us at the stunning Harbour View Terrace at the Australian Museum, where we were entertained with some refreshingly honest insights from Nigel on getting the best out of your business, life and those around you.


Nigel is well known for his creative pursuits, having written three widely successful books, as well as being a co-creator of Earth Hour and founder of the Sydney Skinny– the world’s first nude ocean swim event. Nigel’s time in the business world saw him lead two of the most dramatic company turnarounds the communications industry has seen, the success of which he attributes as much to the team around him as himself as CEO.


Nigel had a number of business insights to share with guests on the importance of regaining your creativity, taking risks and dispelling the myths around the myriad of business leadership books. His light hearted and honest address resonated with our business owners on their own business journeys.



We are all born creative.  The problem is, as Nigel put it, somewhere along the road to becoming an adult, we lose our creative spark.  We become boring, complacent and more inclined to focus on numbers than worry about something as abstract as creativity. 


As Nigel has experienced firsthand from his time in advertising, creativity can help achieve immensely greater results for the bottom line.  Regardless of the problem you are facing – there is always a creative way of doing something that can lead to better results for your business.



Nigel asked the audience to think about two things that they were truly proud of accomplishing in their lifetime.  What were the circumstances around those accomplishments?  Did they happen inside your comfort zone?  The response was, unsurprisingly, a resounding no.


All business owners would agree that truly great achievements involve some level of risk. 



Of course, with all the risks involved in running a business, catastrophes can and will occur.  Nigel had three pieces of advice for business owners when dealing with a business disaster.  First, try and find the good news in the situation.  Even if there is unlikely to be any, it puts you in a more positive frame of mind to deal with the disaster.


The second piece of advice is to figure out how to deal with what has happened.  Not necessarily how to fix the problem, as that might not be possible, but how to react to the issue.  Thirdly, and this is the most crucial point, ask yourself what you can learn from it.  At the very least you will have taken some insights to help you deal with or avoid the next disaster.


It was a real privilege to hear the inspiring business journey and very personal story of one of Australia’s most entertaining and creative thought leaders.  ESV will continue to host inspiring leaders as part of our Business Owners Event Series, to share their stories and insights for others on similar journeys.  There is so much we can learn from listening to the wisdom and personal journeys of creative minds like Nigel Marsh.


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