Online Marketing For Your Business

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Online Marketing For Your Business


With studies showing 97% of consumers use the Internet as their first point of search for products or services, it is a smart move for any business to invest in online marketing.  Without a strong online presence, your business is virtually invisible to prospective customers.


There are a number of advantages to focusing your marketing efforts online – relative to traditional advertising, online marketing is cheap, simple and easily measurable.


However, for many businesses it can be overwhelming to know where to begin building your online presence.  How do you direct customers to your website?  Do you need to be on Facebook?  Should you be Tweeting?  We outline four fundamental areas you need to consider in marketing your business online.



It might seem obvious, but your first priority should be your business’ website.  This is the first point of contact for prospective customers and clients wanting to learn about your business.  It should reflect your brand and quickly convey key information about your products and services.  While you may already have an established website, it could be time to update its design and layout – if your website is outdated, your business will seem outdated too.



With over a billion users, Facebook is the most populated social network.  Facebook is a great way to connect with your customers and develop a more ‘human’ relationship with them.  You should fill your business’ Facebook page with news, images and videos about your business and its culture, as well as any other news your customers would find interesting.  The key to unlocking Facebook’s business potential is engaging your customers.



For professional services firms, LinkedIn is often the most useful online marketing tool.  It allows you to share company news, advertise job opportunities and connect with prospective clients.  You should treat LinkedIn like a mini-version of your company website – it should also be consistent with your brand and display key information about your business. 



Twitter allows users to share or “tweet” short snippets of information to their followers, and is therefore the ideal tool for sharing business news.  Whether this is company updates or industry news, twitter is a great way to direct people to your website and enhance your business’ online identity.  However, with a maximum of 140 characters your tweets need to be engaging or they are likely to be ignored.


These four dimensions are the first areas you should consider when trying to boost your business’ online profile.  The key is to pick which platforms are relevant and most beneficial to your business and its customers.  We recommend you take a look at ESV’s website and LinkedIn as an example of how we have developed our online profile to fit our brand identity and the needs of our clients.


Article by Edwina Ring