Pushing Boundaries for success in life and business - ESV Business Owners Series

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Pushing Boundaries for success in life and business - ESV Business Owners Series


On Thursday 16th November, ESV held our final Business Owners Event for 2017. Clients and guest had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from one of Australia’s greatest explorers, James Castrission.

Although James always had a passion for adventure and exploring, he initially took the conventional route. After leaving school he undertook a Bachelor of Commerce and worked as a consultant and analyst for four years but never felt it was the right path for him. In his free time, he took every opportunity to explore and eventually decided adventure would be his main focus in life. In 2008 he set out with his best mate Jonesy, to brave the swells, winds and currents combined with severe food and sleep deprivation to become the first kayakers to cross the Tasman sea.

Upon finishing their big adventure, they only wanted more, setting their sights on the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. After 89 days of facing the harshest environment on Earth, Cas and Jonesy made history walking from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance.  James had many insights to share with guests on the importance of pushing your boundaries and realising your true passion, challenging beliefs on how far you can go.

Test and Trial - Managing Risk

All business owners would agree; any worthwhile vision or venture will have some level of risk associated. Understanding the risk, planning and preparing yourself for challenges ahead were key factors to the success of James adventures, as he talked through the audience through his preparation for trek across Antarctica.

To assist his training James researched past explorers to figure out the reasons for their unsuccessful journeys and formulate a plan to overcome the hazards that had befallen them. The training wasn’t simply physical -  it was the combination of tactical, emotional and physical endurance that would see them succeed. 


All of James greatest adventures have been completed with Jonesy by his side, as a team facing the elements together. As James told guests, to get through the bad times it was imperative they understood and supported each other.

Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and clear communication were essential to them overcoming obstacles and making decisions that could impact the rest of their journey.

Pushing your personal boundaries

Speaking of his motivation to travel across the Antarctic, James recalled using his family, friends and sponsors as his drive to get him to the south pole, facing treacherous conditions and knowing he had done enough to make everyone back home proud.

But he said the real challenge was pushing through personal boundaries. The motivation needed to come from within.

It was a real privilege to hear James share his incredible personal story with us at this event.  His remarkable resilience and fearless approach to following his passion and pushing the boundaries to reach his goals left all guests of the event feeling truly inspired.

ESV will continue to host inspiring leaders as part of our Business Owners Event Series, to share their passion with us and reveal what inspires their own business journey.  There is so much we can learn from the insights of remarkable people like James Castrission.

If you are a business owner and are interested in attending one of our Business Owner Events, please contact us at events@esvgroup.com.au.