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Crystal Ball Time – Forecasting the Federal Budget

At this time of the year, the financial media second guess what will be included in the Budget (Tuesday, 13 May 2014).  In what has become the norm, there have been various leaks with a view to softening the blows and gauging public feedback. 


Do Your Employees Think You're a Bully?

Changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) on 1 January this year resulted in Australia adopting an unprecedented set of anti-bullying laws. These laws now mean that an employee can apply to the Fair Work Commission before consulting with you as the employer, for an order to compel the...


Debt and Banking Advisory – All the Way with DBA

When discussing our clients’ business banking needs, we often find they are not across all of the terms of their current banking facilities as they are focused on other aspects of their business.  While reviewing the terms of your banking facilities can be a time-consuming process, understanding these details is...


Superannuation and the Certainties in Life

As the saying goes there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes, however, until recently a third existed – taxes after death.  Yes, that’s correct, taxes after death in so far as superannuation funds in pension mode would be subject to tax on earnings post death of the...


SuperStream - The Way Forward

As you may be aware, the government is seeking to streamline a lot of business processes. This includes a reform called SuperStream which is designed to improve the administrative function of the superannuation system.


Project Do It - A Tax Amnesty in all but Name

The Tax Commissioner has urged all taxpayers with offshore assets to declare their interests ahead of a global crackdown on international tax havens.  Historic "tax havens", including Switzerland and the Cayman Islands were increasing transparency, eliminating previous road blocks to ATO prosecutions and increasing recovery of previously undisclosed income and assets.

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