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R&D Tax Incentive - The Risk of Self-Diagnosis

Ask 10 different people to define research and development (R&D) and you’re likely to receive 10 different answers. So the moment a government incentive program includes “R&D” as a primary identifier, there’s a good chance that people will very quickly determine their eligibility based on their preconceived definition of what...


Superannuation: Contribution Limit Increases

Investing for your future has just had a shot in the arm with confirmation that additional amounts can be invested into superannuation from 1 July 2014.  The Australian Taxation Office updated the contribution caps on its website this week confirming the increase.


Managed Investment Schemes: Hedge Fund Disclosures

Where a Responsible Entity (RE) for a hedge fund or fund of hedge fund offers product to retail investors in Australia, ASIC has released RG 240 (effective 1 February 2014) which requires greater disclosures to be made by RE’s. 


New Government, New Financial Year: What’s Happening with Personal Tax Matters for 2013/14?

Following the election of the Abbott Coalition Government in September, there has been some confusion around the status of impending tax changes announced by the previous Labor Government.  Some of those announced changes had yet to be legislated.    We summarise the status of some of those announcements, as well as...


Recent Changes to Superannuation

With a change in the Federal government on 7 September 2013, below is a summary of the Coalition’s Policy for Superannuation:


Unclaimed Accounts Transferred to ASIC

Under legislations passed by the previous government, the threshold for bank accounts to be deemed inactive has been reduced from 7 years to 3 years.

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