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Fringe Benefits Tax - Tricks and Traps

The Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year concluded on 31 March 2014. Being aware of some of the common tricks and traps may help you complete your FBT return and reduce the amount of FBT you pay.


Maximising Your Investment Yield or Dividend Washing ?

Maximising your investment yield by buying and selling your shareholdings at the correct time is one of the basic strategies a lot of investors use.  However, as you maybe aware, legislation is set to be introduced to prevent a particular buying and selling arrangement that in some circles had become...


The Importance of Having a Current Wealth and Estate Plan

As trusted advisors to our clients we provide more than just compliance based services. Often this includes ensuring that they have put in place appropriately structured succession plans, be they operational or estate plans.  As with anything in life, these plans are revisited from time to time to ensure they...


What No One Tells You About Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Last Thursday 6 March, ESV was delighted to co-host an event with the Commonwealth Private Bank to discuss “what no one tells you about taking your business to the next level”.


Australian Mirror National Sailing Titles

ESV was a proud sponsor of the Australian Mirror National Titles, held at Woollahra Sailing Club in Rose Bay. 


ATO Steps Up Activity on Collections

We are sure you are aware there has been a lot of press recently about the ATO stepping up its activity in respect to the ongoing collection of tax on a timely and efficient basis.  Significantly this is not solely focused on large multinationals but also on private family businesses.