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Recent Changes to Superannuation

With a change in the Federal government on 7 September 2013, below is a summary of the Coalition’s Policy for Superannuation:


Unclaimed Accounts Transferred to ASIC

Under legislations passed by the previous government, the threshold for bank accounts to be deemed inactive has been reduced from 7 years to 3 years.


Tax Consolidation Refresher Part 2: Allocable Cost Amount (ACA)

In the second edition of our tax consolidation refreshers we consider the Allocable Cost Amount (ACA) process. In essence the ACA process is designed to replicate the accounting fair value approach and remove certain anomalies that would otherwise arise when determining whether to acquire a business (i.e. assets) or a company.


Business Owner Speaker Series

ESV held its first Business Owner Speaker Series at the Hilton’s Zeta Bar on the 13th November to celebrate the launch of its new brand identity.


Risk Management for Responsible Entities

ASIC is seeking to increase the effectiveness of risk management systems that responsible entities (RE) have in place. It has issued a consultation paper detailing the more targeted requirements of risk management to be issued by class order during the first quarter of 2014.


Thin capitalisation – how do you measure up?

In simple terms, the thin capitalisation rules operate so as to deny deductions for interest expenses where an entity’s debt exceeds the maximum allowable level. There are a number of different methods for calculating the maximum debt, the most common being the 'safe harbour debt amount'.