b'ESV 5Survive | Revive | ThriveBusiness Advisory &Due DiligenceMaking informed decisions is always vital. In the volatile world we now find ourselves in its critical to make the right decisions at the right time. As your strategic business partner, we are committed to helping you survive, revive and thrive. Our expert advisory services include: Business and Tax Planning and strategic planning ConsultancyWhen the c word was first mentionedOur services span the whole spectrum of in January no one predicted the dramaticbusiness activities to help manage your impact it would have around the globe.tax compliance. Its crucial to have an Some businesses have flourished (thinkintegrated approach from the outset, so pasta and toilet paper), some haveyoure equipped to fulfil your reporting adapted (think the gin distillers nowand compliance obligations while still producing hand sanitiser) and some havestriving to achieve your strategic goals. needed to close their doors (think of pubsWe can advise on the options available and many, many more). We can helpto you from a tax perspective and update you develop a comprehensive businessour advice as your situation changes or strategy and implement a plan even in thethe world changes. Covid-19 has created eye of a covid storm. Well also assessmany changes to the tax landscape in the issues, opportunities and risks so youAustralia - we will keep you informed can make informed, confident decisionsabout the latest changes and the impact about what you do next.these have on your business. Assist with FinanceLandlords and TenantsWe have the experience to compile the information required to help withNegotiations between Landlords and your finance negotiations. This includesTenants are occurring every day. Tenants preparing three-way financial models andwho have been affected by Covid-19 comprehensive information memorandaare seeking rent reliefto help with for tender and negotiation processes intheir negotiations we can assist with light of Covid-19.developing a Covid-19 Rent Relief PackHelping you get readywhich will place them in the best place to negotiate. On the flip side, for Landlords we can perform due diligence on yourfor the new normalTenants requesting rent relief.'