b'ESV 7Survive | Revive | ThriveStimulus Measures Health Checks &The first Federal Government economicSome you need to enrol in. Others youRisk Reviewplan in response to the effects ofapply for. For some you make a request. Covid-19 was announced on MarchFor JobKeeper you need to provide 12 with a $17.6 billion package to helpmonthly reporting to remain compliant. people stay in business. Since then theThere are harsh penalties if you do not doDuring Covid-19 everyone is being told to look after their own personal health. Its so important every Federal Government has announcedthe right thing. business also undertakes regular financial health checks. further initiatives including the $130ESV understands the finer detail of every billion JobKeeper package, well nowFederal, State and Territory Covid-19 $70 billion. Over the course of sevenStimulus package. We will review your weeks several announcements andbusiness and ensure you are obtaining Accounting and amendments have been made to these Stimulus Packages which are all aimed ateverything you are entitled to receive.Cash Flow Planningkeeping people in jobs and the economyWe know the records you need to keep, moving. Many of them come withthe risk areas you need to address and will create a robust system to ensure youWe have extensive experience in the complexities and risk.remain compliant. various commercial accounting software solutions and can establish efficient cash flow planning and monitoring processesJobKeeper to help you manage your money. Well also provide you with detailed reportsSmall business grants / loan facilities and analysis, so you know the real story behind the numbers. Its not the time forATO deferrals guess work. State tax deferrals (payroll tax and land tax for instance)Scenario Planning Deferral of lodgementsDo you know the baseline cost to openInstant asset write off your doors? What revenue do you need to achieve each month to cover your operating costs? Have you looked at Helping clients to various what if scenarios which look at what the new normal may look like? Looking at scenario planning will help you successfully apply for JobKeeper make informed business decisions during and ATO deferrals these uncertain times. Risk ReviewHave you recently undertaken a risk review on your business? Are you aware of the risks and taking steps to mitigate these? The world of 2020 is definitely different to the world of 2019. Undertaking a risk review of your business during this new world is a wise business decision.'