Navigating Risks in a Digital Age: ESV Cyber Security MasterClass

CYber Security MasterClass

Navigating Risks in a Digital Age: ESV Cyber Security MasterClass


On Wednesday 20 March ESV held a thought provoking Cyber Security Masterclass at the Hilton hotel in Sydney. Tim Valtwies who leads our Audit team facilitated an interactive Master Class with Marcus Wong, Jason Wood and Reece Payne from Fortian who are Cyber Security subject matter experts.

The session explored the fundamentals of Cybersecurity along with the trends and reasons why it is of increasing concern to businesses worldwide. This was against the backdrop of an increasing number of successful attacks on business and the scope, scale and impact of these intrusions. One of the event highlights was a technical demonstration of a plausible and common cyber-attack, and as business owners and senior executives we should be concerned by the way in which security was breached and data exposed.

The session looked at what we should be protecting in our businesses – the “crown jewels” and how we should be protecting ourselves and from whom. We also looked at ways to mitigate cyber security incidents. It is clear that the cyber security risks are squarely at the top of the corporate agenda and need to be managed as part of our overall risk management framework in the same way we identify, assess and mitigate risk in financial reporting, accounting, taxation and succession.


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