ESV Accounting and Business Advisors recognised for Pro Bono Work

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ESV Accounting and Business Advisors recognised for Pro Bono Work


ESV has received special recognition for its pro bono work in the AFR and Chartered Accountants ANZ top 100 survey.  We are very proud to have scored highly for the number of pro bono hours carried out across the firm – equating to a day for each member of staff.

ESV has set up a number of charitable foundations and trusts on a pro bono basis. We also provide audit and assurance services to charities and NFPs which often lead to taxation and advisory work. We understand that charities and not-for-profit organisations face unique challenges – rapidly changing legislation, an increasing focus on transparency and managing stakeholders’ interests are all challenges they must overcome. ESV Accounting and Business Advisors partner Chris Kirkwood commented:

"The areas are chosen predominantly because of a client relationship or involvement. Our clients will come to us and ask us to get behind a cause they are supporting and because of our reputation and ongoing involvement in this space, we are often also asked to tender for services. We see it as our way of giving back and supporting the causes that we, and our clients, believe in, it's also a great way to develop the skills of our staff and provide them with work that they find interesting and rewarding."

It’s important work that has an impact on the community. In some cases, our work helps to satisfy the regulatory obligations that an NFP is subject to and help them obtain grants and funding that enable them to operate. For others, it helps them become more efficient in their business practices and this has flow on benefits. All businesses can benefit from external, professional advice and it’s important that NFPs can access this.

For further information about ESV and the work we do with charities and not-for-profits contact your engagement partner or call on 02 9283 1666