ESV Young Professionals Launch: Laying the Foundations

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ESV Young Professionals Launch: Laying the Foundations


On Tuesday the 17th of November, ESV Young Professionals held its inaugural Networking Night at the LinQ Bar.

The event brought together more than 60 young professionals and university graduates for a fun evening of networking and information sharing.  Guests also enjoyed hearing valuable insights from Yosuke Hall, managing director of online furniture and home wares retailer Zanui.

Yosuke had a number of important and inspiring lessons for young professionals.  From advice on building connections, reframing difficult problems and being a learn-it-all, Yosuke’s words resonated with those entering the early stages of their career.

One of the more pertinent lessons was around being open to new experiences and opportunities.  It was this philosophy that took Yosuke from the big firm experience, to the snow fields in Canada and eventually led him to managing a successful start-up business.  As a young professional, you never know where an opportunity might take you further on down the track – so it’s important to remain open.

Inspiring words from Yosuke aside, it was a fantastic evening filled with networking games and casual drinks, giving guests the opportunity to meet other young professionals from a range of industries in an informal setting. As Yosuke said, there is great value in building connections and learning from the experiences of those around us.

ESV Young Professionals was created by Brooke Steedman and Lauren McDonald of ESV as an engaging community for young professionals wanting to build relationships within the industry, develop professionally together and have fun at the same time!

Follow the Young Professionals’ Facebook page to become part of this vibrant community and to stay up to date with upcoming You Pro events.  We hope to see you at our next Networking Night!