Our Culture at ESV – How we’re creating a Great Place to Work

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Our Culture at ESV – How we’re creating a Great Place to Work


Without a doubt, positive culture within the workplace is integral to the ongoing success of any business. It shapes the way we work, underpinning our decisions and influencing how we interact with our clients and within and across teams.

We highly value our culture here at ESV, investing in talented individuals and supporting them as they learn and grow. In the last year, we have written multiple articles about creating positive workplace cultures, our charity and community involvement and some of our staff experiences.

 In this article, we want to share a bit about one of our staff-driven committees, ESV’s Great Place to Work. In 2016, ESV’s Great Place to Work Committee was born with a vision to ensure that ESV is always a truly great place to work. To achieve this, we developed 5 core pillars that we base our initiatives and ideas from: 



At ESV, we have always had a strong community culture. Whether it’s through ESV Gives Back or our pro bono work we are always looking for ways to support charities and important causes. Great Place to Work has played a key role in growing our community involvement; organising numerous events such as quarterly ESV fundraisers like the annual Pink Breakfast for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


It is not just our community responsibility that we take seriously, but also our environmental impact. Our Great Place to Work Committee has helped us to create a more sustainable workplace environment and environmentally conscious staff by introducing recycling programs and ESV keep cups to minimise our waste.


The health and wellbeing of our team is of the utmost importance. As youthful firm with many of our team furthering their education while working, we are always looking at ways to ensure positive work, study and life balance. For our cadets and CA students we provide a range of tools including study support, mentoring and training and career growth opportunities and through our ESV Young Professionals Committee. We also partake in many sporting tournaments including the CAANZ Netball Tournament and fun runs to promote good physical health.


At ESV, we believe that culture is primarily built on the way that staff treat each other and our shared values. From the moment you start at ESV, there is a buddy in your team to welcome you and help you with anything you need. Last year we wanted to better connect staff across teams building firm-wide connectivity, and introduced a new initiative, Coffee Roulette. We also work with our Social Club and Fun Committee to create exciting social staff events, themed drinks nights and table tennis tournaments throughout the year.


Ensuring that everyone at ESV a voice is no doubt one of our most important roles of our Great Place to Work Committee. Throughout the year we collect feedback and ideas from our staff about how we can continually make ESV a great place to work which we share with our leadership team. This facilitates good communication and idea-sharing across all areas of our firm.

Finally, if you’d to learn more about our Culture and Values please visit our About page. Otherwise, don’t hesitate contact us if you would like more information around creating positive workplaces and integrating HR best practice with your organisation’s strategic objectives on 9283 1666.