Thinking of a secondment at ESV? Hear from our secondees!

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Thinking of a secondment at ESV? Hear from our secondees!


One of the great things about business and technology in this day and age is that it is now easier to connect and work with people globally than ever before. At ESV, we have always had a global focus being a founding member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG ®) which is part of the TAG Alliances ®, an international, multidisciplinary alliance of independent professional service firms. Through this organisation we’ve had the great opportunity to form long-standing relationships with numerous legal, accounting and strategic partner firms worldwide bringing many benefits to not only our clients but also our staff.

This year we’ve again had the pleasure of hosting another two (2) secondees, Andreea and Kirsty who hail from one of our TAG Alliance firms, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP, in Scotland. Joining our Audit division on a 5/6-month secondment each, Andreea and Kirsty have been a wonderful addition to the ESV team sharing their experiences on what it’s like to work in Australia and their experience at ESV.

Why did you decide to take a secondment in Australia?

Andreea: It was a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, embrace new experiences and learn about a different culture while being able to develop my career.

Kirsty: Having finished my CA in Scotland in Sep 2017 I was ready for a new challenge.  I had considered going travelling but I was also enjoying working and progressing in my career. So, when the opportunity arose to travel to the other side of the world to one of the most iconic cities and still be able to grow in my career it was a no brainer. Also, having been to Australia once before on holidays to visit friends and family this was a great chance to spend more time with them.

What have you enjoyed & learned since you started working at ESV?

Andreea: One of the best things I learnt was how to really prioritise my work. Compared to home, the deadlines in Australia are much tighter so you have to use your time well to get everything done. Also, it was great to be able to work with a whole range of clients from different industries as well learn about different regulations and rules. The exposure that I’ve gained has been invaluable.

Kirsty: One thing I’ve really enjoyed about working at ESV is the people. It’s very team-oriented so you’re constantly learning new things from everyone around you. Also, there are so many great social events and opportunities to get to know people such as the EOFY party, Friday night drinks and social club events making it easy to get involved and make friends here.  I’ve also learnt a lot from seeing how another professional services company operates, what is required when auditing listed companies and about the differing tax laws in Australia too.

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What new experiences have you had so far?

Andreea: Well, I never thought I’d be in a city where you take the ferry to work! I really enjoy the outdoors vibe and lifestyle here and for me it’s the simple things such as having a BBQ in the park or drinking at a bar outside the Opera House on a Sunday afternoon that really stood out.

Kirsty: Apart from all the different attractions, great food and being able to travel around Australia, it was great to finally go to an NRL game!  Also at ESV, I was able to work with such a wide range of clients from different industries including: fund managers, construction companies, AFSL license audits, crypto currencies, internet of things, fraud system review and more. It was great to be able to have that exposure!

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If you could give any advice to someone thinking of pursuing a secondment, what would that be?

Andreea: Go for it! A secondment gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge base. It opens the door to many challenging but also exciting experiences which make you a more open minded, aware and easy going person. The skills, including cultural skills learned from this experience are applicable globally so I would encourage anyone thinking of taking a secondment to take the plunge and try something new.

Kirsty: Definitely do it! Push yourself outside your comfort zone and take the opportunity to further your knowledge and personal development. You’ll never regret the opportunity to experience a new culture, meet so many great people and grow your career.

So, thank you to our great Scottish Secondees, Andreea and Kirsty for all their hard work and to our colleagues at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP and other firms within the TAG Alliances for your continued support of these initiatives across what is an ever decreasing world!

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