Accounting & Financial Reporting Update 2016


Accounting & Financial Reporting Update 2016


On Monday 14 March, ESV held the 2016 Accounting and Financial Reporting Update – an exclusive event for valued clients and guests of ESV to examine trends and recent changes that are expected to impact businesses in 2016.


We were privileged to once again invite Carmen Ridley of Australian Financial Reporting Solutions and GAAP Consulting as keynote speaker to share her insights on recently issued accounting standards and their expected impact on businesses. 


As a current member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board with over 15 years of experience in financial reporting, Carmen is well-versed in the issues.


 In particular, Carmen’s presentation covered the following key considerations:

  • New accounting standards for the current financial year in relation to revenue, financial instruments and leases;
  • Further changes to how revenue for not-for-profit entities should be accounted for in financial reporting,
  • New policies around revenue recognition form contracts with customers; and
  • Other recognition and measurement issues relating to warranties, contract costs and treatment of licenses of intellectual property.


Guests were given the opportunity to raise questions of relevance to their own business and in doing so were able to get answers from one of the industry’s most knowledgeable speakers.


The event concluded with networking and drinks, allowing everyone the opportunity to debrief and discuss important updates from the session. 


ESV regularly holds events such as the Accounting and Financial Reporting Update in order to provide business owners and executives with the knowledge and information to help them on their business journey. If you are interested in attending future informative events or webinars, please contact us or subscribe to our monthly Business Owners Bulletin to stay informed of the latest industry updates and trends.

We look forward to welcoming you to future events.