Recent Changes to Superannuation


Recent Changes to Superannuation


With a change in the Federal government on 7 September 2013, below is a summary of the Coalition’s Policy for Superannuation:

The Coalition pledge that they will not make any unexpected detrimental changes to Superannuation.

Their Policy Document for Superannuation includes the following proposed policies:

Updated Table 1 

The Coalition has also stated that it does not agree with the following changes that the outgoing government had made to superannuation during its term of government,

Updated Table 2


 There is not further guidance regarding amendments to the above policies.

Other measures which the Coalition will review include:

  • Improving the quality of superannuation fund member reporting
  • Reviewing default fund selection arrangements in awards
  • Improving superannuation governance
  • Streamlining employer superannuation reporting arrangements
  • Reviewing regulatory barriers restricting income stream product development.

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Article by David Prichard